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The McEntire Neuro Leadership Program is an opportunity for Pilates professionals to be part of a solution that addresses the Movement Gap… the gap that exists now between standard medical care offering limited improvement and the whole-brain approach to give people their life back.

My new Neuro Leadership program has literally been years in the making. It's the next evolutionary step in my work, which first started by solving my own brain issues, then working with clients, then guiding professionals one-on-one.


And now a program designed to prepare you to step up into a place where the world needs YOU more than ever!

Here's what you will get...


You will meet with me in a one-on-one consult for a custom onboarding experience to discuss what you would like to most gain from our Neuro Leadership program. Things like what types of clients are you working with now, what does your future client list and teaching look like, how you want to step into a leadership role in your community, etc.  This custom onboarding will directly inform what I add to your experience to make sure you are set up for quick wins and lasting success.




An experience (like no other) where we will come together to put the neuro tools and techniques into action. The virtual Brain Labs will provide you with 90-minute sessions where we can work through assessment and experimenting with whole-brain solutions for a variety of client scenarios. 

You will gain keen observation skills so you can recognize compensations within the neuro systems without having to be a brain scientist (I promise). And you will learn to apply the neuro tools and techniques in a Pilates environment so that your work and solutions flow as a natural part of a client's session. 

We will cover things like how to...

  • confidently work with clients who have neuro conditions that can often be complex

  • ​become comfortable with experimenting and knowing that you will not worsen a client’s condition

  • help clients who have plateaued get unstuck

  • move from having to have the "right answer" to becoming comfortable with experimenting to get to a solution

  • build client trust so they can rely on you to look for possible answers to anything that comes up in their body

  • better at thinking on your feet so that clients see you as a confident leader

  • keep it fun for your clients (which is important especially since the conditions can oftentimes be very serious)




You will also have LIFETIME access to the Neuro Toolbox on our dedicated training platform. This is where you will access instructional videos that explain the neuro tools and techniques and why, when, and how to use them.

Your field tested Neuro Toolbox includes exclusive designs that you can download and share with your clients and other professionals that could benefit from this whole-brain approach.




While you are actively participating in the Brain Labs, my office hours will be available to you once a week where you can connect with me to review client situations or areas that you have questions about to ensure you are gaining the highest level of training and success from my program.


You can expect a welcoming ear that allows you to feel comfortable discussing areas where you will need support with problem-solving for  roadblocks allowing for some quick wins with your clients.  



Once we move through the training and Brain Labs, we will then shift to Community Leadership Coaching, where you will be coached on how to build relationships within the communities you want to serve.

We will work together as a leadership team to...

  • identify ways to serve the communities of people that you identified during the onboarding process – where you have a heart to serve

  • research which community partners will provide access to the people you want to help

  • how to put together community events and an action plan to help people know how to get the help they need.



Brain Lab LIVE is an event where we will come together as leaders to make a REAL impact in the world. This is what we have been preparing for and we will put everything in action throughout this weekend event.

During our monthly Leadership Discovery and Coaching sessions that lead up to Brain Lab LIVE, we will identify a Community Partner, where we will coordinate and build an event designed to have an impact with our work. **Think partners like the Michael J. Fox Foundation (dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson's disease)


  • we all fly into a location where we have prepared for an organized event with the intention and excitement for making an impact in the community

  • day one we will meet to prepare AND of course, spend some quality social time together

  • day two we will launch the event including experiences such as panel discussions, case studies, and breakout sessions where each of the Neuro Leaders will have an opportunity to facilitate sessions and help participants see the impact of our work 

  • fun and creative activities sprinkled throughout the day

  • and of course an opportunity to build friendships with like-minded professionals across the country and abroad that share our mission.



Brain Lab LIVE will also serve as our platform for earning your McEntire Neuro Leadership Certification. What does this mean? Your participation as a community leader will serve as the foundation for the certification. We will celebrate your accomplishments throughout the program at Brain Lab LIVE in a special awards ceremony where we will all celebrate YOU!

What if you are unable to make the Brain Lab LIVE event? You can always participate in a future Brain Lab LIVE that works with your schedule. 


An important piece of our mission is helping people find you!  As part of the program, you will be highlighted in our Neuro Leadership Directory where I will profile you and the work that you do on The Movement Gap website. This will be shared publicly to help get the word out and showcase the work that you are doing as Neuro Leaders to make an impact in the world. You can then link your profile and stories to your own website and other communications.


​As part of my commitment to your success, you can also expect the following: 


  • Lifelong Refresh to access training videos, downloads

  • Priority invitation to future Brain Lab LIVE events

  • McEntire Neuro Leadership Community

  • Commitment to Success


Once you commit to coming on board the program, I will send you a special gift in the mail... your Neuro ProBox. 


Inside you can expect... 

  • 1 full set of professional grade Neuro Tools (high-quality prints)

  • 5 BrainSpeed Balls

  • client tracking forms

  • and a few extra's that we will keep as a surprise (for now:)

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